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Call For Reservations!
912-437-6172 or 912-222-0508

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Island Harbor RV Park

Darien, Georgia

For Reservations and information please CALL 912-437-6172 or 912-222-0508
If you're a past park visitor we'd love for you to comment here.
(We CANNOT respond to reservation inquiries here, please call instead!)

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Our Guest Comments

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James Wiese, Boynton Beach, FL on 09/20/2023

Please call me back at 561-528-8810. I like to reserve a pull-Thur for one night of 9/22/23. Thank you, Jim

Aiden Vanguard, Houston, TX on 09/01/2023

I'm writing to you today on behalf of the Darien Award Program. We're the organization that puts on the annual "Best of Darien Award", and I'm pleased to inform you that your company has been selected as the winner in the category of RV park. I know we've tried to reach you a few times before, but we've finally been able to get in touch with you through your website contact form. We wanted to make sure you were aware of this exciting news as soon as possible. We've included a link to our website below that more fully describes your recognition. We hope you'll look at it and share it with your staff. https://darien.businessesregional.com/S6RG6H64 Congratulations again on this well-deserved honor! Sincerely, Aiden https://darien.businessesregional.com/s6rg6h64_INLAND-HARBOR-RV-PARK

Wendy Miller, Fruitland park, FL on 06/21/2023

Nice, quiet and well maintained park. We will be back!

Charles A King, Williamstown, WV on 04/24/2023

We love your park. Hope to see you again next winter.

Bonnie Erdice, Jamestown, PA on 03/21/2023

We love love this park we stop on our way south several times n our way north in April they are fantastic people n the park is sooo clean n all sites are pull through the historic town of Darien is awesome especially the blessing of the shrimp boats in april n its soooo very close to st Simon's island n Jekyll island just a perfect park to stop we love it and they always go out of their way 2 accommodate us !!

Michael, Brunswick, GA on 02/15/2023

I LOVE Inland Harbor RV Park. The sites are paved, some are sunny and some are in the shade. This is a great winter park if you are looking for a change from overcrowded Florida.